About Us

Your Trusted Partner in Real Estate Investing

At Ember Capital, we are dedicated to helping investors achieve long-term financial growth through intelligent real estate investments. Our unique blend of market expertise, data-driven strategies, and ethical business practices has established us as leaders in the field.

Core Values that Drive Us

We value TRANSPARENCY; our goal is clear, to work with investors and set clear expectations for everyone. To do what we say we're going to do.

We value INTEGRITY at all times. Honesty and ethical behavior are expected in how we interact with each other and our investors. What we do when no one is looking is a testament of our true character.
We value COLLABORATION. Our investors know from the start that they have a trusted partner in the entire process. We will work together with one common goal, to make every investment profitable.
We value COMMUNITY. We recognize that it is our responsibility to also be good citizens and be actively involved in giving back to the communities where we work and live.

Igniting Future Opportunities

Our Mission: Sustainable Growth, Reliable Returns

Our mission is to provide investors with robust, sustainable growth opportunities in the multifamily and commercial real estate sectors, delivering consistent and reliable returns year after year.

The Team Behind Ember Capital

John Soto

John Soto

Co-Founder and CEO

John Soto, our esteemed CEO, brings a rich history of leadership, commitment, and expertise to Ember Capital. A disabled veteran, he dedicated 25 years to serving in military and security management roles, focused on risk mitigation for deployed U.S. personnel and their families.

His expansive career is defined by innovative partnerships with various agencies, both in the U.S. and abroad. These collaborations have been the backbone of many groundbreaking security prevention programs and operations. His tactical acumen isn't just theoretical; John has effectively led teams through intricate projects across diverse geographic and inter-agency landscapes.

A natural mentor, John is deeply invested in the personal and professional development of others. His leadership ethos is built on creating strong, enduring relationships and empowering individuals to achieve their life objectives.

At Ember Capital, John applies the same rigorous standards, strategic thinking, and passionate commitment that characterized his military career. He is unwaveringly dedicated to equipping Ember Capital’s investors with the resources, insights, and leadership needed to attain the financial freedom and life they aspire to.

Nydia Soto

Nydia Soto


Nydia Soto is a Co-Founder of Ember Capital. With a strong belief in the potential of real estate as a tool for financial growth and stability, Nydia has been instrumental in shaping the vision and strategy of the company. Her role involves a wide range of responsibilities that ensure the effective and ethical operation of Ember Capital.

Her leadership style values teamwork, transparent communication, and a commitment to excellence. Nydia is deeply committed to the core values of the company and plays a key role in all major decision-making processes.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Nydia values community involvement and personal development. She is an advocate for work-life balance and believes in the importance of continuous learning.